22 June 2021

Foam hands: comparing great gadgets

Publisearch foam hands are perfect for any type of event or sport competition where there are many people cheering. Imagine happy people having fun using your personalized foam hand with your logo on it: what a powerful message!

16 June 2021

Customized keyrings: an evergreen gadget for companies

Customized keyrings are basically the new business cards. We can all speak for experience when we say that business cards get thrown away easily or stay forgotten in our wallet for months (months..too optimistic?)

8 June 2021

Customized gadgets: how to be recognized

Do you know how to improve brand value and customer loyalty at once? Giving customized gadgets is surely one of the first step! Publisearch has a variety of products to promote your business and give uniqueness to your brand.

31 May 2021

Promotional gadget: ecological materials

Promotional gadget: ecological materials Promotional gadget: ecological trend is the way to do new things in market. Publisearch is using now new ecological materials that could make the difference. Promotional gadget: biodegradable plastic Biodegradable plastic is one of the first … Continue reading
24 May 2021

Gadget of the Week: Publisearch Proposals

Gadget of the Week: Publisearch Proposals Lots of promo gadgets of Publisearch Collection are ready to be chosen so here there are specific choices of some gadget of the week that Publisearch made for you. Gadget of the week: keyrings … Continue reading
14 May 2021

Gadget promo: what do you want to expect?

Gadget promo: what do you want to expect? Everything is new on Promogreen, the eco-friendly line production which doesn’t pollute. Summer 2021 is coming and what do you expect for the new re-birth season about gadget promo? Gadget Promo: regenerated … Continue reading
11 May 2021

Customize summer gadget: choose the perfect one!

There is no ending to experimenting and finding new ideas to customize summer gadget and Publisearch is always on the front line in that; here there is a small part of its huge collection.

4 May 2021

Gift gadget for clients: 3 good reasons to give them

Giving gift gadget to clients is always a good thing. It means that you care about your brand image and those who receive them. Here there are 3 good reasons to give gift items. You will never regret it.

26 April 2021

Avoid touching public surfaces: finger keyring

How can you avoid touching public surfaces? Finger keyring is the perfect solution. In this particular moment in which we are living now, the spread of Covid-19 in Italy makes us adopt new behaviours to follow in order to low … Continue reading

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