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How can you avoid touching public surfaces? Finger keyring is the perfect solution. In this particular moment in which we are living now, the spread of Covid-19 in Italy makes us adopt new behaviours to follow in order to low the number of new cases. That is why Publisearch found the way to avoid a direct contact with public surfaces.

 Finger Keyring

Public surfaces: finger keyring is the perfect gadget that can help you in this situation. Do you have to take money out of the ATM? Do you want to visit a friend of yours and don’t want to ring the doorbell? This gadget can do it for you in total safety due to its large thickness.

Finger keyrings can be realized in different versions as you can see above on the images. A variety of colors can be used as well and customization is perfectly made according to needs, taste, budget and time of every single client. Quotes, names and corporate logos can be printed on them by screen print or digital as your wishes.

How avoid touching public surfaces: finger keyring

Eva foam is the principal material used to realize this type of gadgets. A certified material and 100% made in Italy. Eva (acronym of ethyl vinyl acetate) is a plastic copolymeric material used to make very flexible and elastic products. This foam is an expanded material and its structure is close cell cross-linked so that no bacteria and fungi cannot proliferate due to its closed feature.

Every single gadget is produced in our production plant located in Lapedona, Fermo, Marche region, in respect of the new sanitary law provisions because of Coronavirus spread in Italy. Our working activities continue to be regular so the delivery service is guaranteed.

If you are looking for a specific gadget, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are glad to help you choose the perfect gadget that most satisfy your needs of time and budget. Write us for simply information or if you want to send us a free request of quotation we are ready to answer you with all the details.

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