Customized keyrings: an evergreen gadget for companies

Customized keyrings are basically the new business cards. We can all speak for experience when we say that business cards get thrown away easily or stay forgotten in our wallet for months (months..too optimistic?)

Customized keyrings with your logo instead, are long lasting and very effective as to promote your brand and give it the visibility it deserves.

Why choose Publisearch Keyrings?

This is our most favourite gadget, as well as the most sold, for many reasons.

  • Our keyrings are completely customizable (color, shape, template and printing). We can create anything you can imagine!
  • They are original and creative. We use innovative materials that are fun, buoyant and floating.
  • They are 100% made in Italy. Materials and quality product guaranteed.
  • Low cost and fast delivery! We entirely produce our gadget in our Italian facility ensuring competitive prices and fast delivery.
  • Our keyrings are very easy to share because everyone is always happy to receive a gift.

Silkscreen keyrings

This is a timeless classic. Among all Publisearch keyrings there are the ones made with silkscreen printing technique. We print your logo on certified eva foam, which is a non-toxic material 100% made in Italy.

Like all our products they are totally customizable, from shape to color, and of course the printing. There is no limit to your creativity with us.

Digital printing keyrings

You can also choose the digital printing technique to personalise your brand. Also made with eva foam, their thickness is less than silkscreen keyrings. This is a very effective way to print multicolor logos keeping the low cost factor.

A digital printed film is attached on the eva foam and it can be customized with names and logos. On the other side of the keyring, additional information can be printed using the silkscreen printing technique.

Mirror keyrings

Mirror keyrings are the new entry in Publisearch kingdom. They perfectly meet the taste of the most sophisticated people. It is a very original idea for those who want to make the difference and always be ready for a selfie wherever they are.

Exactly like in the digital printing keyrings, you can print your logo on the mirror or on the eva foam using the silkscreen printing technique.

Customized keyrings: what to know

Publisearch customized keyrings are perfect to give identity to your brand whilst being original, always assuring an high quality product and service. With 30 years on the European market, our team is reliable, effective and it is happy to help you realize your ideas and dreams. Take a look at our catalogs.

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