Production of Promotional Items

Promosoft has been the main unit of publisearch since 1989.
To satisfy the client’s needs and creativity, Promosoft produces original promotional products using the innovative and colorful eva foam.

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Our Products

Creation & production of unique promotional items made with EVA FOAM, an exclusive and innovative material.

Promotional items made from ecological materials to respect nature while giving uniqueness to your brand.


Made in Italy

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22 June 2021

Foam hands: comparing great gadgets

Publisearch foam hands are perfect for any type of event or sport competition where there are many people cheering. Imagine happy people having fun using your personalized foam hand with your logo on it: what a powerful message!

16 June 2021

Customized keyrings: an evergreen gadget for companies

Customized keyrings are basically the new business cards. We can all speak for experience when we say that business cards get thrown away easily or stay forgotten in our wallet for months (months..too optimistic?)

8 June 2021

Customized gadgets: how to be recognized

Do you know how to improve brand value and customer loyalty at once? Giving customized gadgets is surely one of the first step! Publisearch has a variety of products to promote your business and give uniqueness to your brand.

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