Production of Promotional Items

Promosoft has been the main unit of publisearch since 1989.
To satisfy the client’s needs and creativity, Promosoft produces original promotional products using the innovative and colorful eva foam.

Our Products

Creation & production of unique promotional items made with EVA FOAM, an exclusive and innovative material.

Promotional items made from ecological materials to respect nature while giving uniqueness to your brand.


Made in Italy

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23 May 2019

Floating Keyrings: customized promotional gadget

Floating keyrings are the perfect gadget to promote your brand, especially if you are looking for a product which is low cost, original and completely customized.

9 May 2019

Eva foam Crepla Fommy: which one?

People often are not aware of the composition of their object and the materials they choose. That is why Publisearch wants to explain everything you need to know about Eva foam, as well known as crepla foam or fommy as … Continue reading

7 May 2019

Gift Items: perfect gadget for every occasion

It is always a great thing to give gifts to your employees, suppliers and clients. Gift items can be donated in any occasion, just to celebrate your people and make them feel special. Check out Publisearch for original ideas and … Continue reading

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