Gadget promo: what do you want to expect?

Everything is new on Promogreen, the eco-friendly line production which doesn’t pollute. Summer 2021 is coming and what do you expect for the new re-birth season about gadget promo?

Gadget Promo: regenerated leather

Travel diary, papers. Passport holder, A4 folders, notebooks and keyrings of course: everything you expect for restarting traveling with so much style. Each one of these gadgets are realized in regenerated leather, an eco-friendly material which loves enviroment and doesn’t spread pollution. For now, you better travel with your passport in its own holder and write everything you have in mind during the journey in your everlasting travel diary. There is no limit to fantasy and so there is no obstacle to having more travel diaries or papers or folders instead of one.

In this particular moment we are living right now, in a period of pandemic, Publisearch always wanted to experiment, create and elaborate new ideas on gadget promo which makes Publisearch collection wider than before. In Promogreen line leather, cork, wood and bioplastic are those materials which give a stronger value of Made in Italy to the entire collection. Every gadget we produce is realized in our production plant located in Lapedona, Fermo, Marche region, and it can be customized as your wishes. Colors, shapes, thikness are not a problem for us: it is what we do regularly to fill every need.

Publisearch is always on the front line to satisfy every request, even the most demanding, in respect of what we think and what we do every day. We are glad to assist you choosing the perfect gadget promo for you. Send us an email for a free quotation or a simply to have more information. We will be very happy to help you in what you really want.

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