28 September 2021

Jacron ecological cases

Ecological cases made of jacron, a new material that Publisearch added to those ecological materials actually used for the realization of its personalized gadgets.

9 September 2021

Corporate promotion and customized gadgets

Corporate promotion: it was not an easy to face this period we are still going through. The pandemic of Covid has strongly undermined the sector of customized gadgets, but this does not mean that all is lost.

1 September 2021

Personalized card holders in eco materials

Personalized card holders in eco materials: anyone needs a customized gadget of this type. A very useful resource for customers, employees or suppliers that certainly must be considered if you want to hit the mark.

6 August 2021

Publisearch: gadgets can make the difference

Finally holidays started. There will be those leaving for a seaside location, going hiking on mountain and those who decide to stay in the city to enjoy the attractions it has to offer, even if the heat can ruin all … Continue reading

27 July 2021

Promo Gadget: customization easy guide

In the previous articles we have talked about different types and customization of promo gadget using eva foam, also known as crepla or fommy. How can we actually personalize your gadgets? Let’s see it together!

13 July 2021

Customized gadget: brand identity and brand value

Customized gadget: brand identity and brand value Over 90% of the Italian productivity is made up of small and medium-sized enterprises. A huge variety  of works, products and people is waiting for being able to distinguish themselves from the others … Continue reading
8 July 2021

Why choosing gadgets is the best way to make advertising?

Why choosing gadgets is the best way to make advertising? Which materials can you use to make the perfect gadget? Here our new catalogs. Write us an email for a free request of quotation or simply for more information. We … Continue reading
6 July 2021

Smart Gadget: which one for Summer 2021?

Smart Gadget: which one for Summer 2021? lots of idea coming, but most important thing, lots of gadgets ready to be fully used in this season. Here there are some Publisearch options.

29 June 2021

Customized Flip-flops: what a great idea

By now a market trend, you can find customized flip-flops everywhere. They are a 2019 must-have and Publisearch flip flops differentiate from others for their complete customizability. Find out our types of flip-flops with us!

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