17 April 2019

Customized sport gadget: keep it low cost with colors and fun

Publisearch customized sport gadget will make your sport events much more colored and fun! They are the perfect gadget for any agonistic competition or for a simple match with friends. All our sport gadget can be customized to adjust your … Continue reading

4 April 2019

Customized Cooking Tools: gadget for your kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of every home. Most of your meals are eaten in the kitchen, and it is in the kitchen that you spend most of the time with your family. That is why Publisearch wants to show you … Continue reading

28 March 2019

Customized Stationery: our personalized Gadget

Keeping your books, papers and documents in order before chaos becomes a ruler, it’s a must to have a clear mind and bring success to your daily life. Publisearch wants to show you its customized stationery: fun, low cost and … Continue reading

20 March 2019

Office gadget: how to tidy up your desk

The best way to start a working day is to have a tidy desk. Choosing the right tools to keep your space clean is important to ensure efficiency and wellbeing while you are at work. With this in mind, Publisearch … Continue reading

19 March 2019

Foam hands: comparing great gadgets

Publisearch foam hands are perfect for any type of event or sport competition where there are many people cheering. Imagine happy people having fun using your personalized foam hand with your logo on it: what a powerful message!

19 March 2019

Customized Flip-flops: what a great idea

By now a market trend, you can find customized flip-flops everywhere. They are a 2019 must-have and Publisearch flip flops differentiate from others for their complete customizability. Find out our types of flip-flops with us!

19 March 2019

Customized keyrings: an evergreen gadget for companies

Customized keyrings are basically the new business cards. We can all speak for experience when we say that business cards get thrown away easily or stay forgotten in our wallet for months (months..too optimistic?)

15 March 2019

Production techniques and the secret for successful gadget

One of the best way to promote your business is to make personalized gadget that will give uniqueness and identity to your brand. Do you know any production techniques yet? Do you know some of their history? Publisearch is willing … Continue reading

5 March 2019

Customized gadgets: how to be recognized

Do you know how to improve brand value and customer loyalty at once? Giving customized gadgets is surely one of the first step! Publisearch has a variety of products to promote your business and give uniqueness to your brand.

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