20 July 2020

Customize summer gadget: choose the perfect one!

There is no ending to experimenting and finding new ideas to customize summer gadget and Publisearch is always on the front line in that; here there is a small part of its huge collection.

8 July 2020

Gift gadget for clients: 3 good reasons to give them

Giving gift gadget to clients is always a good thing. It means that you care about your brand image and those who receive them. Here there are 3 good reasons to give gift items. You will never regret it.

16 June 2020

Avoid touching public surfaces: finger keyring

How can you avoid touching public surfaces? Finger keyring is the perfect solution. In this particular moment in which we are living now, the spread of Covid-19 in Italy makes us adopt new behaviours to follow in order to low … Continue reading

25 May 2020

Summertime gadgets 2020: how to get ready at best

Summer 2020 is coming and you have to get ready at best to go on the beach in safety due to Covid spread in Italy. Here they are some summertime gadgets 2020 you cannot live without.

6 May 2020

Gadgets for kids: learning by playing

There is no ending about learning even when you grow up. Instead of watching phone’s screen without doing anything, your kids may appreciate some practical games with which develop their fantasy. It could be very important for them and that … Continue reading

3 March 2020

Children’s games in eva foam

Children’s games in eva foam are the perfect solution to teach kids some names and means of transport in a very important way. That is why publisearch wants to propose you some gadget for children that could really make the … Continue reading

17 February 2020

Carnival Gadget: Let’s get a mask on your face!

Carnival party is the most colorful event of the year with all people liking to dress up as they prefer. It is a very fun moment for kids whose dresses must require some carnival gadget for sure.

5 February 2020

Valentine’s day gadgets: our proposal

Valentine’s day is ther most romantic day of the year. Love is the main character of this date in which it is celebrated in all its ways. Here there are our Valentine’s day gadgets as proposals for your clients, suppliers, … Continue reading

28 January 2020

Pte show: the new trend is ecological

Twenty years of Pte show. History and growth of companies and human beings have been presented in it. In all these years every shape, dimension and color of gadgets has been shared. The new trend of this 2020 is ecological.

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