Gadget of the Week: Publisearch Proposals

Lots of promo gadgets of Publisearch Collection are ready to be chosen so here there are specific choices of some gadget of the week that Publisearch made for you.

Gadget of the week: keyrings

Keyrings are the most sold and reached gadgets of all times. Customized keyrings with printed logos can be perfect as gift for employees, clients and suppliers. Doing this, you give brand value to your firm and make your job partners loyal to your company. It will be very hard forgot what you do for work if there is your logo printed on a keyring.

Gadget of the week: flip flops

Customized flip flops are the good ones on promo gadget market. You can put on your flip flops for the new season or every moment of the year in your home. So comfortable and practical to use that you cannot do without. They last very long time and could be perfect with printed logos.

Gadget of the week: foam hands

Anti-covid restrictions are getting low so a lot of theathres, cinemas, stadiums and exhibitions can restart as they wished so for long time. Customized foam hands with printed logos make the difference. You better show your printed logo on foam hands to everyone instead of nothing, you can really strike with that!

More Info

All customized gadgets of Publisearch Collection are realized with e.v.a. foam in its production plant located in Lapedona, fermo, Marche Region. 100% Made in Italy and quality standards are guaranteed. To add to this, other materials are regularly used in production processes as cork, regenerated leather, wood, all of these going to only one direction: the ecological trend, which is fully respected on Promogreen, the eco-friendly line production of Publisearch.

Feel free to write us an email for a free request of quotation or simply for additive information. We will be very happy to assist you in the choice of the perfect gadget for you.

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