Gift gadget for clients: 3 good reasons to give them

Giving gift gadget to clients is always a good thing. It means that you care about your brand image and those who receive them. Here there are 3 good reasons to give gift items. You will never regret it.

1) Gift gadget give more value to your brand

Advertising through objects is one of the most ancient form of advertising in the world. If you want to be remembered, then you just have to use perfect promotional gadgets that give your company the high visibility you deserve. Think about foam hands and seat cushions used in a stadium full of people, for a particular sport competition or concert. Corporate logos printed on them would have a great effect among all. Try it for yourself!

2) Gift gadget build customer loyalty

Take an assurance company as example. How to keep your clients engaged? The answer is simple: give them gift items such as customized keyrings or office gadgets like pen holder, mouse pad and others. When you give a present, you are giving a great importance to people who are receiving it and at the same time the receiver is going to be thankful.

3) Gift gadget are tax-deductible

Last but not the least, gift gadget are tax-deductible at least in Italy. There is a very detailed italian regulamentation such as TUIR (Testo Unico per le Imposte sui Redditi) and a legislative decree that affirm the total deduction of goods priced under 50 Euros. In any case, for italian law, promotion gadget are classified as representation expenses and can be 100% deducted from taxes. Find out about your country!

Additive Information

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