Promotional gadget: ecological materials

Promotional gadget: ecological trend is the way to do new things in market. Publisearch is using now new ecological materials that could make the difference.

Promotional gadget: biodegradable plastic

Biodegradable plastic is one of the first material tha Publisearch has been using in 30 years of activities. Bioplastic material is so versatile, easy to transform, flexible and has high performances of yield. Publisearch uses it to realize tokens for shopping carts with a funny egg-shaped holder, the first promotional gadget to be realized years ago and now findable in promogreen, the eco-friendly line production of Publisearch.

Prompotional gadget: wood

Wood is a natural material which is normally used in buildings construction. It is a perfect thermal insulator and helps to reduce consumption by avoiding enery waste. It is very ductile and flexible and for this reason it is used by Publisearch for creating bookmarks.

Promotional gadget: cork

Cork is also a natural product, highly valued today for its eco-sustainability. Used a lot throughout history and after a period of oblivion, cork is once again a highly appreciated material for its environmental awareness. There are many corporate promotional gadgets that can be made with cork but the most requested is certainly the keyring as well as coasters and placemats for the table.

Promotional gadget: regenerated leather

Regenerated leather is a material obtained from leather fibers during the process of packaging waste, tanning residues and finishing of leather products. Regenerated leather is well suited too to various promotional items: notebooks, passport holders, pen holders and keyrings.

Publisearch has a vast collection that includes many other items, not only ecological, but also more traditional ones such as keyrings, flip flops, foam hands in e.v.a. foam, 100% customizable with printed logos. Here our renewed catalogs with all the promotional gadgets made especially for companies or contact us for more information.

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