Customized gadgets: how to be recognized

Do you know how to improve brand value and customer loyalty at once? Giving customized gadgets is surely one of the first step! Publisearch has a variety of products to promote your business and give uniqueness to your brand.

Why choose our products?

  • Our gadgets are completely customizable (color, shape, template and printing). We can create anything you can imagine!
  • They are original and creative. We use innovative materials that are fun, buoyant and floating.
  • They are 100% made in Italy. Materials and quality product guaranteed;
  • Low cost and fast delivery! We entirely produce our gadgets and assure competitive prices and fast delivery;
  • Our gadgets are easy to share. Everyone is always happy to receive a gift. Business cards get thrown away easily, but gadgets are long lasting.

We have chosen for you 3 of our favourite-most wanted products of all time: Keyrings, Foam hands and Flip-Flops.


Keyrings are a must-have gadget because of its high customizability.
Number one sold product, they’re original, low cost and easy to share. They give strength and value to your brand, as well as being a traveling long lasting advertisement. You cannot go wrong with this one!

Foam Hands

Foam hands are lively and entertaining, perfect to use for sports events, concerts and other public manifestations.
Imagine a cheering crowd wearing our foam hands with your logo printed on it: what a powerful message for your brand!


Flip flops are the perfect fit to promote during summer holidays, for hotels, fitness centers and spa. We have different types and colors to satisfy all of your needs and give color and value to your brand.
By now a market trend, choose them if you want to impress your clients!

More info about customized gadgets

These gadgets are made with EVA foam and they are 100% made in Italy.
The material is atoxic and well suited to be completely customized and give identity and character to your brand. Personalized shape, template and printing (silkscreen and digital), you name it!

Our team is eager to help you create and manifest your ideas and will assist you to choose the perfect product according to your needs and preferences. Email us for more information and to request your price quotation. We are happy to serve!

Imagine. Create. Share.

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