Foam hands: comparing great gadgets

Publisearch foam hands are perfect for any type of event or sport competition where there are many people cheering. Imagine happy people having fun using your personalized foam hand with your logo on it: what a powerful message!

Publisearch has different types of solutions to satisfy your needs and budget.

Foam hands: cutting or elastic

Publisearch foam hands can be realized in many shapes and colors. They are printed using silkscreen printing technique and made with certified Eva foam, a non-toxic material 100% made in Italy.

To wear them you can choose between two models: the cutting or the elastic one, based on your preference and budget.

Foam gloves hand

The glove hand is a completely different story. To wear them, you need to tuck in your hand, as they are basically two foam hands stitched together to give exactly the resemblance of a glove. It is a more elaborated product but the effect is remarkable.

Glove hands are the ideal product to let cheering crowds promote your brand in sport events such as soccer, football, rugby, or in concerts and shows.

Seat cushion combined with foam hands

articoli sportivi personalizzati

Seat cushion is the best combo to us with our foam hands and promote your brand in any sport competition. As for the rest of our products, they are totally personalized for shape, template, color and type of printing.

They give color and high visibility to your logo when placed on the seats of a stadium, as well as making them more comfortable.

Why choose Publisearch Products?

Our products are completely customizable (color, shape, template and printing).They are original and creative. We use innovative materials that are fun, buoyant and floating. They are 100% made in Italy. Materials and quality product guaranteed. Low cost and fast delivery! We entirely produce our gadget in our Italian facility ensuring competitive prices and fast delivery.

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