Personalized card holders in eco materials

Personalized card holders in eco materials: anyone needs a customized gadget of this type. A very useful resource for customers, employees or suppliers that certainly must be considered if you want to hit the mark.

Why give personalized card holders?

All starts from the idea that a gadget is not a simple object, but something with much more power that can make the difference: a customized item with your company logo printed on it has a greater value than a simple business card because it lasts longer and it streghtens brand loyalty of customers with a low budget. Making this customized card holder is something that shows that you already have a clear idea of what you want to give: using eco-friendly materials such as cork and regenerated leather lets you make an ecological choice that is actually useful to people who receive this gadget.

In a period like the one we are living, making informed choices means knowing the current dynamics: between global warming and pollution due to plastics. Customized gadgets that are eco-friendly make a sign. Card holders are hand sewn and made with recycled materials in order to be a gadget that is difficult to give up: it is very useful for those who have many badges, including ATM cards, credit cards, health cards and driving licenses and do not know where to keep them in safe.

Customized card holders, like all gadgets in the collection of Publisearch, are part of Promogreen line production and are made entirely in Italy, in the production plant owned by Publisearch, which is located in the province of Fermo, in the Marche Region. 100% Italian quality items and fast delivery make Publisearch one of the most competitive companies on the italian market.

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