Customized Flip-flops: what a great idea

By now a market trend, you can find customized flip-flops everywhere. They are a 2019 must-have and Publisearch flip flops differentiate from others for their complete customizability. Find out our types of flip-flops with us!

Campus Flip-flops

A must have for the beach or just to use at home, these flip-flops are completely customizable with your logo. They are made by certified eva foam which is a non-toxic material 100% made in Italy.

You can choose from a wide range of colors: from the classic black and white, to the more lively rainbow colors. use them to lighten up your day and start with the right foot.

Customized flip-flops are a perfect gadget for those who work in communication agencies and want to gift an original product to their clients, or for wedding planners who are always searching for new fancy and innovative gadget.

Single use foldable flip-flops


Foldable Flip-flops are a fun and low cost product, but their main characteristic is that they take up little space. They come flat like a paper, you can then set them up and wear them like normal flip-flops. They are called single use flip flop, but surely you can use them more then once!

People love to have this gadget with them, it is in fact perfect for hotels, spa, fitness and sport center who want to add originality to their clients experience, and of course, make their logo visible at all times.

Customized flip-flops: how to be recognized

Whatever you decide to do, a completely customized gadget always improves your brand value, giving you identity and making sure you are on your way to success. We are happy to help you personalize your brand and don’t forget to email us for more info.

We will assist you to choose the perfect product according to your needs and preferences. Take a look at our catalogs or write us an email for more info.

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