Promo Gadget: customization easy guide

In the previous articles we have talked about different types and customization of promo gadget using eva foam, also known as crepla or fommy. How can we actually personalize your gadgets? Let’s see it together!

Promo Gadget: how to customize

First of all, we use eva foam, a particular material which is non-toxic and also perfect to completely customize your gadget. The main difference in customizing the best gadget for you it’s between using screen print or digital print’s technique. Both are valuable, it just depends on your preferences and type of logo you want to print.

Take our keyrings for example: you can realize them using silk screen printing, if you need flat colors to print the corporate logo for a maximum of 4 colors on each side. It is possible as well to choose the color of the eva foam base to print your gadget. The most important thing is that there has to be a successful combination of colors in order to generate a powerful result on your gadget.

Things are different if you want to personalize the best gadget using the digital printing technique. The digital printing uses a special film which is applied directly on a white base made always with eva foam. With digital printing you can decide the number of colors you want to print your logo with, making it perfect if you need to print an elaborated logo or just if you prefer a different style.

promo gadget

Available there is also the newest type of mirror film that can be applied on a white base eva foam, similar to the digital process, but the mirror film can be printed using the silkscreen technique. It is so unique that everybody loves it!


Customizing a promotional gadget means that there would be an initial study in order to assure that the result will be the best one for you. Publisearch is always ready to assist its clients, helping them to choose the perfect gadget made especially for them.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for keyrings, foam hands, flip flops or other eva foam gadgets. We can help you realize the best gadget to give value to your brand and to always be recognised everywhere, using something truly unique and original. Be assured that these promotional gadgets will never have duplicates.

If you want to gift promotional gadgets to your clients, suppliers or to your employees, write us for additive information or to request a free quotation. We will be very happy to choose the perfect gadget for you and with you. Here our new catalogs

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