Corporate promotion and customized gadgets

Corporate promotion: it was not an easy to face this period we are still going through. The pandemic of Covid has strongly undermined the sector of customized gadgets, but this does not mean that all is lost.

It is true that the market has suffered a big crash in this critical times, everything has been stopped and even if it has restarted, you had to deal with many expenses to move forward. One of the first sectors to be affected by thid backlash is the customization one, especially about personalized items and corporate promotion itself. There have been no more trade fairs, events, matches to require large quantities of customized products, such as stadium seats, keyrings and flip flops with printed names and company logos. Corporate gifts are usually given in summer periods and for Christmas holidays, and for lots of reasons have been hit by a drastic numbers drop.

On the other hand, the ones that have been on the upswing since last year, with an almost unchanged trend, are sanitizing gels and masks that have had an exponential growth. But now that things seem to be returning to a certain normality, the promotional sector is once again broadening its horizons, embracing new types of products and new ways of thinking. As happened before the spread of Coronavirus, a new way of thinking about the gadget was to make it with eco-friendly materials and plastic free like cork, wood, regenerated leather and even cellulose fibers.

Whatever material is used to create a promotional items, e.v.a. foam or ecological materials for example, you should always do something with gadgets because they are a clear demonstration of a company which is assumed to have the specific intent to strengthen its brand image with its customers, employees and suppliers, increasing its brand reputation and confirming its own brand identity. Anyway, giving promotional gadgets is just a very effective and powerful marketing strategy that can really make the difference in certain business contexts.

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