Jacron ecological cases

Ecological cases made of jacron, a new material that Publisearch added to those ecological materials actually used for the realization of its personalized gadgets.

All you need to know about jacron

The jacron is a type of paper material, made of cellulose fibers, waterproof, abrasion resistant, which can be subjected to frequent washing without losing its main features, such as color and texture. The material settles itself perfectly to be customized according to silk-screen printing or digital printing techniques for an optimal and long-lasting result.

Thanks to its excellent resistance to stitching, the material can be applied to any type of support. For this reason, it is used in the production of labels, image labels, fashion accessories for apparel, leather goods and footwear, and it is also used for corporate gifts. In fact, Publisearch has decided to use this new material to make its zippered cases, which are very convenient and practical for storing money, cards, house keys and anything else that has small dimensions and can get easily put in bags without losing any object.

So jacron is an ecological material, 100% natural and not so expensive as it expected to be. It reminds paper with touching it but has a very strong fiber. Continuous uses and washing give the jacron the worn appearance that is often appreciated from the aesthetic point of view and even reproduced voluntarily through special machinery and processing, as many will be aware.

Why use jacron?

Always looking for new challenges to face, Publisearch has decided to use this material to confirm its position about the environmental sustainability of its gadgets without sacrificing the quality of its products and its two main features that always distinguish it: the Made in Italy manifacture and fast delivery service.

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