Pte show: the new trend is ecological

Twenty years of Pte show. History and growth of companies and human beings have been presented in it. In all these years every shape, dimension and color of gadgets has been shared. The new trend of this 2020 is ecological.

Ecological gadget: never look back

During the show we saw that the way of thinking and acting is changed in promotional world. The respect of the environment for a sustaintable future and better than now is so powerful in companies’ minds. Pte show is now revelaed as melting pot of new ideas and concept gadgets that cannot be ignored. Eco gadgets and recycled material like cork, regenerated leather and wood are the chosen ones.

New trends, proposals and market requests can be intercepted. High quality and a huge collection of gadgets are now showed to own clients and suppliers to make them more conscious about the creation of greener products . Buying a product of this type means that you choose ethically without pollution.

Nothing is wasted. All resources are reused in order to produce something of unique that satisfies the needs of the market. Nowadays attention is more focused on ecological materials, their certification, printing time and most of all customization. Customizing a gadget with your own corporate logo is a duty that a single company of this sector must respect. With the high quality of products and more demanding clients, market pulls companies to make more, especially in this period of medical incertainty. Made in Italy is now the keyword of the new trend.

This is the trend that is going to distinguish the market of the future. A promo gadget buyed ethically is a very efficient advertising that can everlast. Stricke effect is guaranteed with a low production of pollution and importantion of materials.

Giving value to promo items means tell a story and importance of every client, even for long time. Flexibility, energy and anticipation of the market are the most important aspects beyond this point.

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