Eva foam Crepla Fommy: which one?

People often are not aware of the composition of their object and the materials they choose. That is why Publisearch wants to explain everything you need to know about Eva foam, as well known as crepla foam or fommy as well.

Eva foam Crepla Fommy: the same material

It is not uncommon that a single material is named with different names. The truth is that eva foam, crepla foam and fommy are the same compound derived from a unique material: Ethyl Vinyl Acetate. A complex name, shortened in “E.V.A.”, referring to a very elastic expanded product being used in several sectors. It can be used in photovoltaic in order to seal solar cells, in jewellery to make jewels or as sport shoes sole with a shock-absorbing effect.

Publisearch uses eva foam to create completely customizable promotional gadget with many shapes and colors. Keyrings, flip-flops, foam hands and stationery are just a small part of the entire collection that Publisearch offers to its clients.

Info about the material

Gomma eva, crepla foam, fommy or whatever you choose to name it, it is a fantastic material to customize and it is also the perfect material to print on anything you desire. With Publisearch you can choose between screen or digital print in order to satisfy every needs and budget.

Another important factor is that fommy is completely non-toxic material. Due to the fact that bacterial and fungal pathogens cannot breed on eva foam, it is safe to use for kids as well. We have a good number of cool games and toys for kids on our website.

Eva foam is also very durable and it is one of the most used material in the market nowadays. Try it for yourself, choose innovative and original materials for your gadget. Publisearch, with over 30 years of experience, provides quality service, fast delivery and it is always happy and ready to create the perfect product for you and your clients.

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