Yoga Gadget: Take care of yourself and your mind

If you are yoga lovers, you must have these gadgets to brighten up your yoga classes. These yoga gadgets are antistress, original and bring beauty to your yoga experience. Let’s see together which yoga gadget we selected for you.

Yoga Keyrings

Our yoga keyrings are perfect to keep your keys safe, and at the same time carry with you special spiritual symbols. With chakras or deities printed on them, you will always find your keys and also a little reminder to take a deep breath and concentrate on the brighter side.

Pocket size Buddha Altar

When you are going to your weekly yoga lessons or to your yoga retreats, don’t forget to bring with you these little buddha altar, symbol of purity of mind and soul. This yoga gadget is perfect if you want to create a little altar everywhere you go and bring with you some of that sacredness. 

Coasters and place mats

A healthy mind comes with a healthy body. Eating nutritious food is as important as doing yoga. So why don’t you use yoga coasters and placemats with asanas and chakra symbols printed on them, to remind yourself to have positive thoughts while having breakfast? They are the best eco friendly gadgets, made entirely with cork, they help the environment stay clean and also start your day with the right foot. 

Yoga Mat Gadget Yoga for meditation

Doesn’t your yoga asanas work as you like? Try to use one of our yoga mats, comfort is guaranteed and you will enjoy a deep and unique experience. The material of our yoga mat is eco friendly.  They make you feel safe, they give you a firm grip while doing your asana, and they are also very light to carry around with you anywhere you go. The exceptional delicate colors make you feel calm while giving uniqueness to your classes

Yoga gadget: info

All mentioned yoga gadgets are realized with certified eva foam material which is non-toxic and 100% made in Italy, except for coasters and placemats, realized in cork

All these promotional gadgets are completely customizable with your favourite logos, quotes and images. We can also make any new shape you like and create the perfect gadget that fits exactly your yoga center and your special events. 

Publisearch is always ready to satisfy any request of time and budget. For a free request of quotation or simply for any more information, contact us. We’re happy to help you in the choice of the perfect gadget for you.

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