Valentine’s day gadgets: our proposal

Valentine’s day is ther most romantic day of the year. Love is the main character of this date in which it is celebrated in all its ways. Here there are our Valentine’s day gadgets as proposals for your clients, suppliers, employeers and your fiancé as well.

Valentine’s day gadgets: heart keyrings

Heart keyring is an evergreen gadget among our huge collection of promo items, perfect for your clients and fieristic shows. Realized with certified eva foam, the material is non- toxic and 100% Made in Italy.

Customized flip flops

If you work for a marketing agency and you are looking for something of more particular than simple gadgets or even if you are wedding planners, the heart frame flip flops are what you need. This gadget is perfect for Valentine’s day because it is well suited to be printed on screen print with names of lovers or corporate logos.

Valentine’s day gadgets: little hearts

So sweet and funny, these little hearts can make the difference as they make your employers working days happier than ever. In this case Publisearch is now realizing a magnet version of it.


Paperweight can be a perfect office gadget if you put it on your desk. It can handle simple documents or love letters as well.

Heart Jury paddle

Even if love can’t be voted, heart jury paddle could be a perfect valentine’s day item used in some particular party with friends or in a romantic dinner simply to lighten the mood.

Valentine’s day gadgets: info

All these valentine’s day gadgets are perfectly customizable with names and corporate logos printed on screen or digital print. High quality and italian manifacture are guaranteed. If you want to know more about them, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be very happy to help you choose the perfect valentine’s day gadget for you.

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