Summertime gadgets 2020: how to get ready at best

Summer 2020 is coming and you have to get ready at best to go on the beach in safety due to Covid spread in Italy. Here they are some summertime gadgets 2020 you cannot live without.


Fan is now one of the most important summertime gadgets 2020 you must have. It is poket-sized so you can bring always with you in sunny days on the beach or wherever you’re at to refresh yourself.

Flip-flops and flip-flop keyrings

Flip-flops are a must have during summer 2020. They will accompany you in your walk during this period. Flip-flop keyrings are instead a very useful gadget to keep your keys in safe and give so much color to them. Striking effect is assured.

Summertime gadgets 2020

This type of gadget is realized with certified eva foam material, 100% made in Italy. It is non-toxic and well suited to be customized about shape and colors according to you needs of time and budget.

We want to inform you that all our products are realized in our production plant located in the city of Lapedona, Fermo, Marche Region, and due to the last govern provisions about Covid-19 spread in Italy, we guarantee gadget production in respect of health regulations and so trasport services without prejudice to any other provisions.

If you are looking for a new particular gadget, Publisearch has a huge collection of products made in eva foam you can comb trhough. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of a request of quotation wich is totally free or simply for additive information. We will be ready to assist you in the choice of the perfect gadget for you.

Try to make your summer 2020 unforgettable and give color to your holidays as much as you can. Imagine, create and share with Publisearch!

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