Summer gadget: Publisearch ideas

Summer is coming and it is time to get ready for swimsuit season. To make your summer unforgettable, you need original summer gadget that will give even more color to your holidays. Here some ideas for low cost gadget that are colorful, innovative and also waterproof: perfect for sudden summer storms or for last minute swimming.

Flip-flops/ floating keyrings

On summer time, gadget like flip-flops and floating keyrings are a must. Our fommy flip flops are perfect for the beach and the floating keyring are necessary to keep your keys safe in case of last minute swimming.

Summer visors

For those who don’t have a beach umbrella, Publisearch summer visor could be very useful to protect your face from the sun. They are so comfortable and light that it will feel like not wearing them at all.


Another very interesting summer gadget is the bookmark. When you are on vacation you just want to relax. Reading a great book sitting on your beach umbrella with our bookmark is perfect not to miss a page!


For a sunny day on the beach, there is no reason to fill your summer bag with superfluous weight. Take a colored funny purse to put your money in and leave at home all the heavy wallets and unnecessary documents. Do not forget they are waterproof, perfect for summer!

Earrings and Necklaces: perfect summer gadget for teenagers

With our summer gadget we can satisfy also a younger trend. Our colorful earrings and necklaces could be perfect for those girls who want to be trendier than ever on the beach. They are perfect gadget for teenagers: colorful, original and waterproof.

About summer gadget

If you are a company and want to share gadget with your employees, clients and suppliers, before vacations, these items represent a great solution. They have been realized with eva foam, as well known as crepla or fommy: they are low-cost, quick to produce and easy to share. The most important thing is that these gadget can be completely customized according to every single client’s needs and budget.

Remember they are also completely waterproof and washable, making them the perfect gadget for summer!

Our team is always ready to satisfy every request of production, time and delivery. We are very happy to assist you choosing the perfect gadget for you. Drop us an email for a free quotation!

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