Office gadget: how to tidy up your desk

The best way to start a working day is to have a tidy desk. Choosing the right tools to keep your space clean is important to ensure efficiency and wellbeing while you are at work. With this in mind, Publisearch made some fun and useful office gadget that will help you bring joy and tidiness to your desk and to your life.

Remember all our products are totally customizable, these below are just some examples of what we have available in our catalog. We can create any shape, use any color and print anything you’d like on your customized gadget!

Pen Holder

A desk is not a desk without a pen holder. Publisearch pen holders are practical and fun, perfect to cheer up everyone that uses them.

Our pen holders can be realized in different shapes: you can choose from our catalog the classic square form or the more original pyramid form. We also have a very simple version, which consists of a small eva foam circle where the pen stands vertically.

Keep in mind that we can realize any shape you can imagine and new ideas are always welcome!

Paperweight and mouse pad

Some days there could be chaos on your desk: you can lose your documents, or worst you can spill your coffee on them. Keeping your papers well organized is essential if you want to be efficient and functional with your tasks at work.
Publisearch comes to the rescue with some fun and colorful paperweights to help you keep your desk nice and clean.

Choosing our playful mouse pad with your company logo printed on it, can also make your computer experience easier and of course bring color to your day and mood.

Both are very original and creative and as all our product, an office gadget is completely personalized according to your needs and budget.

Cable mark and smartphone support

Publisearch created a very useful cable mark that will allow you to keep your cables well organized and your desk tidy and clean.

Every single cable will finally be at its place with our tags and you will always know what has accidentally disconnected, so that you can save up lot of time and energy while working.
All tags are of course customizable to ensure you have the perfect tool for your desk.

Smartphone support is also a very smart solution to charge your phone safely. Using our smart phone support could save your phone from falling or worst breaking, and your colleagues from tripping over with the unseen charging cable. Safety and practicality are the best keywords used to describe this excellent and essential tool.

Photo frame and box holder

Finally, you can use a light and colorful photo frame to keep your loved ones always with you on your desk. It is also a perfect gift to give your employees or clients to help them lighten up even the worst of days.

Last but not least it is our business card holder: fun, colorful and completely personalized with your logo, to always have your business card tidy and at hand.

Office gadget: technical Info

All these gadgets are made with certified EVA foam. This material is non-toxic and 100% made in Italy. You can completely customize all these products with your logo, using silkscreen or digital printing techniques.

Our office gadgets are original, creative, efficient, low cost and easy to share. Our team is eager to help you create and manifest your ideas and will assist you to choose the perfect product according to your needs and budget.

Are you curious to find out all our products?