Last minute gadget: what to offer for Christmas

The week before Christmas is crucial for last minute christmas gifts to clients, suppliers and employees. It is a good thing to get organized before it is too late. That is why Publisearch has chosen some last minute gadget for Christmas 2019.

Christmas Bookmarks

A book is always a good gift for those who love reading. It is not so expensive so it can be given with a funny and colored bookmark. Publisearch bookmarks are realized in different shapes and colors using eva foam (christmas tree shape also available), or made with regenerated leather, an elegant green alternative. These bookmarks are original and can make your reading experience more enjoyable than ever.

Christmas Napkins holder

Christmas table is always full of people, relatives and friends ready to enjoy the christmas party with food, talking and hopefully love. So why don’t make this day more creative than ever with our original christmas napkins holder personalized with your name? Always a thoughtful gift when things get personalized. 

A perfect last minute gadget: Christmas toe separators 

Toe separators are perfect for spa and hotels. They are one of the funniest gadgets in the Publisearch collection. They can be realized in different colors and most of all they could be very useful for those are not practical with toes painted. We also have a christmas version shaped as a christmas tree. 

Last minute gadget: info

All these promo gadgets are the perfect last minute gadgets to give on Christmas period. They are low cost, very easy to produce and totally customizable for shapes, colors and corporate logo you choose to print on them.

For more information or for a free request of quotation, contact us. We are glad to help you choose the perfect gadget for you according to your needs and budget. High Product quality and Made in Italy guaranteed.

Don’t do things at the last minute. Make the right Christmas gift. Make it with Publisearch!

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