Green Gadget for Christmas: make a bio gift

In the last period, everybody is more sensitive than ever about finding green solutions. There are manifestations all around the world for climate changes and everyone is looking for an alternative to plastic. Our way of thinking is changing and so the market that is asking for sustainable gadgets. Publisearch has created a special line of green gadget for Christmas that respects the environment and are also very trendy. 

Regenerated leather: eco keyring

Publisearch created a new collection with a special type of keyrings realized with regenerated leather. These keyrings are lighter, comfortable and very elegant. You can decide to print your logo or your message on them and make them completely personalized. 

Regenerated leather: eco card holder

Our card holder is also realized with regenerated leather, another beautiful new entry among all promo gadgets collection of Publisearch. A useful green gadget for Christmas for those who want to keep safe their cards without losing style. There is a variant realized in fabric cork as well.

Cork Keyrings: the perfect Green Gadget for Christmas

Can you find something more natural than cork? In the huge collection of gadgets proposed by Publisearch, cork is finding its way to stand out. We use cork material not only for coasters and place mats but for also for stylish keyrings. Making a cork keyring as Christmas gift is a small action that shows your sensibility in respecting the environment.

Green gadget for Christmas: what to know

These green gadgets for Christmas are completely customizable with names and corporate logo you are going to choose. Screen printing in flat colors is used to assure a striking effect. All materials are certified and the product is 100% Made in Italy.

If you are looking for something new and innovative, these green gadgets could be the perfect solution. Publisearch is glad to help you find the best gadget according to your needs and budget. Contact us even for more information or to get a free quotation, we are always happy to help.

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