Gift Items: perfect gadget for every occasion

It is always a great thing to give gifts to your employees, suppliers and clients. Gift items can be donated in any occasion, just to celebrate your people and make them feel special. Check out Publisearch for original ideas and low cost gadget.

Keyrings as perfect gift items

Keyring is a classic item among all other gadget. Publisearch keyring can be totally customized with any shape or print you desire, to give a touch of originality and creativity to your keys. They are practical and useful and most of our clients used them effectively as business cards as well. This is the best promotional gadget if you want to gift many people, while keeping it low cost and affordable. Keyrings are surely number one gadget in Publisearch’s history.


Bookmark is another useful and low cost gadget. It is practical, colorful and fun, and as all of our gadget can be completely personalized. Our bookmarks make any reading experience special, while giving an original touch and visibility to your brand.

Wall or table clock and parking disc

More elaborate than any other gadget, wall clock and parking disc are also very useful gadget to gift your employees. With our clocks you will always know what time it is and never missed an important meeting or a lunch break, while also avoiding unnecessary car bills thanks to our parking disc. Both are the perfect office gadget to gift as they are fun, original and mostly practical. We also have a table clock version to color your employees desks, totally personalized for shape and printing.

Magnets gift items

Magnets are the classic low cost gift to bring to your family and friends. A gadget that works well even in the working relationship between companies and their employees. They can be used as paperweight on company’s boards or simply hanged on a fridge to leave notes or nice messages to your coworkers. Publisearch magnets are, as all our products, completely customized for shape and print to satisfy even the most demanding needs.

Spaghetti Measure Tool

If you are a food lover and you especially love pasta, why not to share your food passion with your employees, suppliers and clients. Publisearch spaghetti measurer is the perfect gadget for pasta lovers. With this item you will not need a scale to measure the perfect quantity of pasta.

Gift items: customized gadgets

These customized gadget are a small part of the entire collection that Publisearch produces. They are completely customizable and 100% made in Italy. They are low cost, easy to share and very original.

Did you know that gift items are deductible from taxes? They can be classified as representation expenses.

Publisearch is ready to assist you in choosing the perfect gadget to satisfy every need and budget. Product quality and fast delivery guaranteed.

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