Gadget for kids: Our best choices for you

Eva foam, as well known as crepla or fommy, is the perfect material to also satisfy the needs of a younger target. These gadget for kids are colorful, fun, non toxic and waterproof, making them just perfect for kids, and also grown-ups! Publisearch wants to show you its best gadget for kids of all ages!

Keyrings for kids

Original and fun, Publisearch keyring are perfect for kids which they’ve been handled their first set of keys. This is an important step that teaches responsibility to kids, doing it with a colorful and non toxic gadget will make the experience smooth and fun!

Flip-Flops for kids

Flip flops are a very popular gadget for kids. Summer is coming and your kids can finally wear beautiful and colored customized flip flops for a sunny day on the beach. Non toxic, floyant and waterproof, our eva foam flip flops are a must have for kids!

Meter Height 

For those kids who are looking forward to grow up, children meter height is the best gadget to gift as it will measure every step of an healthy growth. A sort of puzzle that can be assembled by your kids, our meter height for children is easy to fix and has different colors and shapes. Choose the meter height with farm animals or the one with airplane or with a frog to give color to your kids room.

Child Hangers

To give color to your kids wardrobe and to easily spot and distinguish your children clothes, our child hangers are the perfect gadget. They are small, colorful and completely personalized with baby names or company logos. These child hangers are also lightweight so you can teach your kids to hang their clothes in total safety.

Money box or Piggy bank: the perfect gadget for kids

It is always a good thing to teach your kids to save money. That is why we have for you the perfect gadget for that: a piggy bank! Our colorful and original kids money box can be assembled by your children and it is perfect to teach them the value of money. Your change can become their little treasure!

About gadget for kids

Eva foam is the material we use to produce these funny gadget for kids. This material is so versatile and safe that can be used for a younger target with no complications due to its non-toxic characteristics and the fact that bacterial and fungal pathogens cannot breed on crepla foam or fommy.

Not only that, the material is completely customizable, any name and logo that can be printed on it. Lots of shapes and colors are awaiting for you to give shape to your dreams.

These gadget are low cost, easy to produce and well suited to satisfy any budget. Product quality and fast service guaranteed with more than 30 years of experience.

Publisearch is happy to assist you choose the perfect gadget for you and your clients. Contact us to have more information or for a free quotation. We are always happy to serve!

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