Gadget 2020: classic blue announced as color of the Year

Pantone, the most famous american producer of colors, has declared Classic Blue to be the color of the year 2020. That is why Publisearch wants to propose some gadget 2020 printed with this beautiful color and unleash also some big surprises.

You know, blue is the color of peace and relax. It refers to job suits as well. With blue Publisearch is able to create every gadget among its huge collection of promotional items.

The most brilliant thing is that Publisearch decided to make them in classic blue using recycled eva foam, in order to respond perfectly to the needs of an ever changing industrial market.

Gadget 2020: bring it on

Keyrings, flip flops, foam hands, stationery accessories, cooking tools and so many other promo items can be realized using classic blue. There is no limit to imagination and fantasy. The only limit is not to get them.

You already know that we use certified eva foam material and 100% Made in Italy. So you know that all our promo items respects high standards of quality. 

For this 2020 Publisearch wants to take part to the environmental changes in our planet. Choosing green solutions as using eco material like cork and regenerated leather, Publisearch wants to think green and differently. The study about the perfect use of recycled eva foam is now being more successful than ever with magnificent results.

Nowadays, stats confirmed that you buy more willingly if you know that the product you choose responds to ethical aspects. If you know that the materials respect the environment, you are more willing to buy it. So  2020 is the year of changes and improvements for Publisearch. Gadget 2020 may be the same but what is different is the way to think and act.

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