Fommy creations: what to do with eva foam

In our previous articles we have been talking about fommy, also called eva foam or crepla foam, its characteristics and the fact that this material is perfect to customize any gadget you have in mind. So, how many fommy creations can be created with eva foam?

Fommy creations: answers

The answer is simple. You can create infinite gadget using eva foam, more than you expected. The limit is just your imagination. Generally fommy is used in industrial sector, especially in fotovoltaic and footwear sectors. It is also used to make jewelry and decorations, like colorful earrings or fommy flowers to decor homes, easily available in many markets.

Publisearch has been using eva foam for over 30 years in their successful business. We have a huge collection of fommy gadget to show you, made especially for those who want to give color and more value to their brand.

Our gadget

In over 30 years of business, many people have happily chosen our gadgets to create the best product for their company and businesses. Our fommy gadgets are completely customizable for shape, color and printing.

Keyrings are surely the most sold gadget in Publisearch’s history. We also make flip flops, foam hands, earrings, purses, child hangers, spaghetti measurer, boxes, yoga mats, coasters. These are just some of the gadget of Publisearch’s collection.

Creativity combined with eva foam or fommy, has given birth to a very original gadget that is also low cost. We can create anything you need and you could make the difference with these specific items. High quality product and 100% Made in Italy guaranteed.

Our team is happy to help you choose the perfect gadget for your needs and budget. Drop us an email for more information or for a free quotation. We are happy to serve and assist you make a good choice.

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