Floating Keyrings: customized promotional gadget

Floating keyrings are the perfect gadget to promote your brand, especially if you are looking for a product which is low cost, original and completely customized. Made with EVA foam, also known as crepla foam or fommy, keyring is replacing the old business card, easily forgotten or thrown away after some time. With the keyring instead, your logo remain visible, giving you the best gadget: practical, low cost and easy to share.

Floating keyrings: Publisearch proposal

Publisearch keyrings are made with certified Eva foam, also called crepla foam or fommy. In our facility we have a wide range of molds and colors you can choose from, to create your perfect gadget. It is also possible to personalize your product choosing the type of printing, silkscreen or digital, to print your logo and give it the visibility it deserves. All these characteristics make the floating keyrings the most sold gadget in 30 years of Publisearch flourishing business. Try it for yourself!

Why Floating?

Eva foam, crepla or fommy is a very particular material. It is extremely elastic as it incorporates air when modeled. Thanks to this characteristic, our keyrings can float in water.

This could be the perfect solution for those who are often close to any water surface and are afraid to lose their keys. Floating keyrings are surely the best gadget for everyone that loves sailing, fishing or swimming during summer time.

Why choose floating keyrings as gadget?

Floating keyrings are very easy and practical to use on everyday’s life. It is a low-cost gadget that can be completely customized to satisfy every client’s budget and needs. They are also extremely easy to share: business cards can be forgotten while keyrings last over time.

Publisearch is happy to help its clients choosing the best gadget for them. Product quality and fast delivery are guaranteed. All our products are 100% Made in Italy. Remember that a completely customized gadget always improves your brand value and identity.

There are no limits to your imagination with Publisearch. Email us for any addictive information or for requesting a free quotation.

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