EVA foam gadget for everyone: 100% Italian Products

There are so many eva foam gadgets: company gadget, sport gadget, office gadget, kitchen gadget, spa and hotel gadget, you name it! Eva foam, also called fommy or crepla foam is so versatile that you can create any type of promotional product and creative gadgets!

Eva foam gadget: foam hands

Among the sport gadget you can find our foam hands. We have two types of foam hands: stadium foam hands and fommy big gloves are a must for every event.
You can customize our foam hands as you like, choosing the size, color and printing, to make your brand visible during big types of events like sports events, shows and concerts.

Eva foam gadget: customized keyrings

Keyrings are surely the most sold fommy gadget. There are so many shapes you can choose from, to remember your special moments. Keyring for christmas, keyring for sports events, animal keyring, nautic keyring, we have thousands of molds you can choose from, and we can make any new shape you like to meet your needs and create the perfect gadget for you.

Eva foam gadget: customized eva foam flip flops

Summer has come and it is finally time to wear the perfect eva foam flip flops. Why don’t you wear customized flip flops with your name or logo printed on them? It will be great and most of all, very trendy. We have different versions of them such as regular flip flops, foldable flip flops perfect for holidays, hotels and spa.

Customize gadget production

Publisearch assures a high quality service by entirely producing their gadgets in its facility. In three decades the company has managed to develop original products which are both low cost and highly effective in brand promotion.

Production and customization of promotional gadgets are two sides of a unique industrial system that made Publisearch a quality guarantee. Try it for yourself!

If you are looking for innovative gadget, perfect for your clients, suppliers or employers, Publisearch is glad to help and assist you in choosing a successful gadget according to your needs, time and budget. Email us for a free quotation, we are happy to help you find the perfect gadget for you!

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