Emoji gadget: the funniest promo gadget of the moment

From simple virtual stickers present on every smartphone, emojis became so famous, that they have been on tv screen and cinema as well. Publisearch decided to create something new and unique with emoji gadget so that you can bring them always with you!

Emoji Gadget: Keyrings

Publisearch has created emoji keyrings made with certified eva foam material and digital print technique. Our emoji keyrings represent the 10 most used emojis of the moment such as likes, smiley face with tears, the one with heart shaped eyes and so much more. Our emoji keyrings are so cool that will surely give to your keys a touch of personality.

Emoji gadget: magnets

Emoji magnets are similar to keyrings for shape, colors and production techniques. Instead of wearing emoji on your keys, emoji magnets can be attached to the fridge wall or any iron surface. Our emoji magnets will bring fun and color to your rooms, moreover they are useful to leave cute messages or to put up a hungry face to stop those who steal food for a midnight snack.

Emoji jury judge scorecards and emoji foam hands

Emojis are so loved because they express emotions and typical reactions of human beings. We created emoji jury judge scorecards, to make judging contests fun and original. There are also emoji foam hands, perfect to best support your team or show your love to your favourite singer. These emoji gadget will be the perfect gadget for competitions and events, such as games, match, family events or weddings.

Emoji gadget: more info

Our emoji gadget are realized with certified eva foam material, known as well as crepla or fommy. Production technique is digital printing on a white base except for heart eyes face foam hand, realized in silk screen on a yellow base. These gadgets can be customized with every emoji you like: they can contain quotes, names or corporate logos as well.

If you are looking for a special gadget that can satisfy your budget and needs, and also give visibility to your brand, Publisearch is glad to help you choose and realize the perfect gadget for you. If you want more information about our gadget or request a free quotation, send us an email, we’ll be happy to serve!

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