Eco gadget: the new bio green collection of Publisearch

We do need to stay focused on all the consequences that pollution has in the world. The respect of the environment is the main prerogative of our times and we have to be aware of that. This is why Publisearch decided to propose you its collection of eco gadget.

Shopping Token

When you go to the supermarket, the first thing you have to think about is finding 1 Euro coin for the shopping cart. Sometimes you may not have with you, so why don’t use our shopping token? It could be the perfect solution  for your shopping experience.

Egg Keyring with Token

The Egg keyring with token is similar to the simple token. This is harder to lose because it works as a keyring as well. You can perfectly combine it to your keys and every time you finish your shopping you will know the place to put it for sure.

100% Eco gadget: Cork Coasters and big place mats

Coasters and big place mats are realized with cork, a 100% natural and non-polluting material which is becoming strongly important in the last few years for promotional gadget production. Eating with our cork coasters and place mats has never been so gnammy!

Eco gadget: a new way to think green promotional gadget

For some time the market in general has never been so focused on environmental issues. Everyone talks about the plastic issue and how to landfill plastic waste as soon as possible. From its recycle to reusing it as biodegradable plastic, there are different ways.

Even our sector is sensible to this problem. That is why in our case bioplastic has gained a significant role in the production of promotional gadget. We are constantly working to find new ways to realize green promo gadget in respect to the environment in order to satisfy every needs that trading market requires.

This is a working progress that Publisearch is ready to face. With so many ideas, Publisearch is glad to help choose the perfect gadget for you according to your time, budget and preferred material. Write us an email for a free request of quotation or simply for additive information.

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