Customized Stationery: our personalized Gadget

Keeping your books, papers and documents in order before chaos becomes a ruler, it’s a must to have a clear mind and bring success to your daily life. Publisearch wants to show you its customized stationery: fun, low cost and totally customized to give color and identity to your brand and to your space.

Bookmarks and tablettes

Personalized bookmarks is a fun solution that give color to your readings and prevent in the meantime your pages to be folded, therefore ruined. Publisearch bookmarks can be realized in many colors or shapes and can be printed with names or logos, personalizing your me-time.

Tablettes are very useful as well, especially when you don’t know where to leave your notes. You can always keep track of your thoughts and your ideas, avoiding to forget the important ones.

Boxes and Mail Holder

If you want to continue to write notes on papers instead of tablettes, you may want to use Publisearch boxes in order to keep them all together. This is a very nice and colored box which will keep not only your papers, but also all of your staff safe. You can choose between having the lid or the open one, whichever one you can’t go wrong with this item.

Would you like to keep your mail and bills in a safe place and simplify your life, always knowing where they are when you are looking for them? Place them in a dedicated mail holder. Publisearch has created a fun and colorful mail holder to always keep them in order.

Money box

gadget for kids

Publisearch Money box is a fun item, shaped like a house to help you save money. Start to save money now, a little every day will go a long way, and you can finally take that trip or buy yourself that thing you long have dreamed of.

Publisearch Customized stationery: Info

Publisearch customized stationery as all our gadget, are funny, low cost and easy to share.

All our gadget are made with EVA foam, a certified material which is non-toxic and 100% made in Italy. You can print your logo using silkscreen or digital printing, beside choosing between a big variety of colors and shapes based on your taste.

You can also decide to create a new shape based on your needs and budget. Well, there is no real limit to your imagination with us! Our team is happy to satisfy every single request rapidly, assisting you creating the perfect gadget for you.

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