Customized sport gadget: keep it low cost with colors and fun

Publisearch customized sport gadget will make your sport events much more colored and fun! They are the perfect gadget for any agonistic competition or for a simple match with friends. All our sport gadget can be customized to adjust your need and budget. Here some of our proposal to help you make your experience unforgettable.


If you seek the best gadget to share your brand as well as your passion, the keyring is definitely what you are looking for. Low cost, original and easy to share, the Publisearch keyring can be completely personalized for shape, color and printing. It is the perfect gadget to gift to big crowds of people, while giving high visibility to your brand.

Foam hand and seat cushion

Foam hands and seat cushions made by Publisearch are the gadget number one chosen for big sport events. Very popular in every north american stadium, our foam hands and seat cushions are totally customizable and 100% made in Italy. This is the best gadget if you want to give high visibility to your brand. Imagine all the people cheering while wearing your brand, what a powerful message!

Summer Visor and Headband

This is the best gadget to wear while engaging in a match or while watching one under the sun. Light, colorful and very comfortable, the summer visor and headband from Publisearch assure maximum concentration, protection and high visibility to your brand.


For those who love watching sport on tv, Publisearch crowns are the best product if you want to cheer up for your favorite team with your friends. Fun and elegant at the same time, they are completely personalized to make your moment even more special.


Publisearch wristbands can be very useful not only for sports events but also for festivals, concerts and for any other type of manifestation: keep the crowd sorted, while people have fun and bring color to all your events with our personalized bracelets.

Customized sport gadget: Info

All customized sport gadget are realized with certified EVA foam and they are all 100% made in Italy. This non-toxic material is well suited to be personalized for shapes, color and printing.

We can print your logo on every single gadget, so that you will have an original product to promote your brand and give it a strong identity.

With 30 years on the market, our team is ready to satisfy any request, even the most demanding ones. Product quality and fast delivery guaranteed.

Write us to know more about our products, to ask for a free quotation or simply to say Hi. We are happy to help!

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