Customized Cooking Tools: gadget for your kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of every home. Most of your meals are eaten in the kitchen, and it is in the kitchen that you spend most of the time with your family. That is why Publisearch wants to show you some of its customized cooking tools.

Spaghetti Measurer

If you are not an expert of cooking and want to invite some friends over for dinner, Publisearch Spaghetti Measurer can help you dose your pasta. You will make a good impression, and at the same time not exceeding the quantity of food. With this gadget everything will seem easier and more colorful.

Freshness Clip

Sealing food package not appropriately could be very catastrophic especially if you want to preserve your food from going bad. Publisearch clips will keep your food safe and sealed for days. Freshness guaranteed!

Napkins Holder

Kitchen is not a kitchen without a Napkins Holder. This gadget is as functional as it is also a design object. With different shapes and colors to choose from, it can be an original centerpiece to give color to your meals.

Place Holders, Bottle Tags and Coasters

Make your dining table more colorful using customized place holders. You can add bottle tags and coasters as well to play with all your diners and have the perfect party.

Customized cooking tools: Info

All customized cooking tools are realized with Eva Foam and are 100% made in Italy. The non-toxic material is well suited to a customization ad hoc for shapes and colors, as well as for printing your logo and give identity to your brand.

All gadget are original and creative and we can provide fast delivery and find a solution for any budget. Low-cost, easy to share and product quality guaranteed. Our team is ready and happy to satisfy your requests and help you realize your ideas.

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