Production of Promotional Items

Promosoft has been the main unit of publisearch since 1989.
To satisfy the client’s needs and creativity, Promosoft produces original promotional products using the innovative and colorful eva foam.

Our Products

Creation & production of unique promotional items made with EVA FOAM, an exclusive and innovative material.

Promotional items made from ecological materials to respect nature while giving uniqueness to your brand.


Made in Italy

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19 November 2019

Christmas gadget 2019: our choices for you

Christmas is coming and as every year there is the risk of last minute christmas gifts. That is why Publisearch has chosen a collection of Christmas gadget 2019 made especially for you.

23 October 2019

Halloween gadget: our special keyrings

Halloween comes every year to see children wearing funny masks and go asking for “trick or treat”. During this spectral night there are so many children knocking on the neighbours’ doors and so many candies are collected. Why don’t give … Continue reading

11 October 2019

Eco gadget: the new bio green collection of Publisearch

Eco gadget: the new bio green collection of Publisearch We do need to stay focused on all the consequences that pollution has in the world. The respect of the environment is the main prerogative of our times and we have … Continue reading

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